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The Star In The Southern Sky (C)
Rick Kavanaugh aka
Kevin Sean Kelly (C)
Written on the deaths of my bloodhounds
"Bill of Rib Mountain"

and "Mr. Barley Corn"

When he died

I cried

For two days I suffered pain

and the heavens wept with me

For two days God cried with me

Pouring down his rain.

On the third day, the night was clear

And a star in the southern sky,

Winked and blinked at me

and I knew my Pal was here.

Brighter than any near,

This star caught my eye

And I heard from the great beyond

These words from a friend so dear

I'm here with all the dogs

In this place beyond the sun

that God made for us to run.

I'll wait --and play

Till that wonderful day

HE says, "Prepare to go,

he's on his way"

I'll be here, till HE calls you too

and when He does, I'll come to you.


COPYRIGHT (C) Kevin Sean Kelly-2001-All Rights Reserved

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